Dr. Stephen Khouri was born in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. He was born six weeks premature, causing his lungs to not fully develop correctly. As a result, he suffered from severe asthma and respiratory problems throughout his early childhood. After numerous medical treatments, which unfortunately did not have much affect; he was referred to a chiropractor in Miami, Florida.

Under chiropractic care, Stephen immediately noticed that his attacks were significantly less severe and decreased in duration. In 1981, Stephen and his family moved to Charleston, South Carolina hoping the cooler climate would also help his condition. In Charleston, Stephen assumed treatment under Dr. Corbin Fox, who became his inspiration to become a chiropractor as well.

At six years old, Stephen knew “it was his destiny” to someday be able to help others the way chiropractic helped him. Dr. Khouri also attributes his long and impressive soccer career to his chiropractic status. He states “If I were unable to breath, I would not be able to play such a physically demanding sport. It would be impossible.” Dr. Khouri also thanks Dr. Michel Ritchie and Dr. Ralph Roles, who also inspired his goals and success.

Today Dr. Khouri has established a successful chiropractic practice. He is dedicated to others and is very involved in his community. View Dr. Khouri’s resume.